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The  Tybee ‘16 Tionol   

by Lillie Morris

You’d be wrong if you thought that music is all

We got from the ‘16 piping Tionol

There were fits of laughter and libations galore

In that ‘Craic House’ that sits oh so close to the shore!


Once we’d all settled .... a party commenced

It was a pipers ‘blow out’  in a different sense

There was wine and wiskey a’plenty, for sure

And that fridge on the porch had a magic allure


The heart of the potluck , was a DELECTABLE dish

Made by our culinarian, Trish!

With dips and fresh veggies ....the feast was just awesome

You might ask that piper from Dublin....’ol Rowsome


Now pipers will do what pipers must do

Checking out chanters to see how they blew

There were tunes all night long....a trad-heads heaven

‘Cept you had to get up around quarter past seven!


Up bright & early (but looking like hell!!)

Breakfast was cooked by a piper named Fel

Scrambled eggs, sausages but that’s not just it....

He had elaborate know....fancy shit!!


And right along side him just after she ‘rose

Lane fixed fresh OJ..... Florida oranges she squoze

The breakfast’s were something bet.

We even had fruit.... both dry and wet!!!


We all went to class like good little kids

And came away with hornpipes and reels and some jigs

There was lunch by the pool and no one fell in.....

Impressive, considering the shape we were in!!


Then afternoon classes for more on techniques

On how to prevent those insufferable squeaks

Whether fiddler or piper you have to admit

That’s the musical wound we try not to inflict.


Classes now over, the party resumed

More nibbles and dribbles and sips were consumed

All round the ‘Craic House’ people talked of their classes

And surreptiously rubbed on their asses!


Sitting all day has it’s drawback you know

But you’ve gotta sit still to learn how to blow

Pipers are quirky unusual fellows

Who’ll go to extremes to work with their bellows

And fiddlers will go to lengths that seem silly

To sit at the feet of a master like Willie

Slurs & triplets & rolls and such

I hope ONE day to execute with his deft touch.


That night was the concert - - a piping cantata

With Rowsome, Koehler and Joey Arbata

Willie Kelly played tunes with his fiddle & bow

The four of them put on a remarkable show!!


Then back at the ‘Craic House’...a party ensued...

Everyone being in a congenial mood!!

I noticed Robbie Z’s noteworthy grin

Brought on by that Monkey-47 Gin!!!


The Rickster was there and true to his form

Everything he did was outside the norm

Recording things ‘live’ for all to enjoy

The Ultimate Facebook Messenger Boy!!


So the party continued .... a splendid fete

That carried on strong til the hour was late

There were tunes and more tunes and more tunes and MORE

In that ‘Craic House’ that sits oh so close to the shore.


On Sunday we woke to a brilliant sunshine

But with our case of ‘FunBurn’ it made us all whine

The soldiers we are, tho, we kept things “a’rolling”

(no pun intended......just the rhyme that I’ve chosen!!)


Then final farewells....and hugs and goodbye’s

Leaving fair Tybee with a tear in my eye

BUT, in Twenty-18’....please....not one day more!!!

We’ll be back at that Craic House so close to the shore!

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